Who we are and what we do? how we do it and who we work for?


Rugs, especially, Persian rugs are known for their rich colours and interesting designs, and for being made from natural rather than synthetic materials. These natural materials can include natural wools, silk and vegetable dyes, and they’re handwoven. They’re also renowned for their quality and excellent durability and the knotting found on the underside of the rug. What’s more, in general terms rugs help furnish and decorate a room, absorb sound and help you to organise your space. Proper care of your rugs ensures longevity and guarantees the depth of their colours, while also potentially helping improve indoor air quality.


Dirt from both the inside and outside environments can fall into the rug pile and become grounded deeply into the foundation of the rug, where the knots are. Regular vacuuming may not always shift this. Dry dirt can even cut your rug’s fibres, leaving traffic marks. Equally, the fibres tend to stain quite easily. You can vacuum regularly, clean up any spillages immediately and rotate rugs to prevent uneven wear; this takes care of day-to-day maintenance. But for deep-cleaning, insect damage (a wool rug or carpet can attract moths) or to repair the fringe of a rug, you need to call in the professionals. Don’t attempt to use a home steamer on it yourself, and certainly don’t attempt to freshen up a dingy fringe using bleach. Use a professional service regularly, rather than hiring a rug-cleaning machine and trying to do the job yourself, especially in high-traffic areas.


At Rugs2Restore, we specialise in the cleaning, repair, restoration and valuation for insurance purposes of all type rugs including Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, antique and vintage and modern rugs, while also trading rugs ourselves. We put client service at the very heart of what we do, and we’re very much a family-run business, so that ethos is deeply engrained in us too. What’s more, we work with both domestic and commercial customers, repairing all levels of damage. If you need moth damage fixing or the colours on your rug have run, we can help. The way it works is very straightforward – we collect the rugs from you, clean them in our own workshop and return them back to you. So let us take care of cleaning your rugs – while it may seem tempting to do this yourself, you may leave the foundation of your rug wet, which can both damage the rug and leave an unpleasant smell. Let us treat your rugs for stains, colour runs and other marks. We test for colour fastness in the first instance and then, once we’re happy on that score, we wash rugs until we’ve scrubbed every inch clean. We then use our machines to rinse the rugs thoroughly until not a single drop remains. Finally, we return them to you, as fresh as new and professionally cleaned. And best of all, you won’t see any of the process mentioned above, since we do everything off-site, maximising convenience for the customer as we take care of everything in our professional workshop.

Our past and heritage shapes our business!


Salman and Mehdi established Rugs2Restore to carry on the traditional family business of rug repair, restoration and cleaning. Both are from north-west of Iran, and are hugely proud of their heritage.
Clearly, rug making is a key part of Persian culture, and rug-weaving still plays an important part in the economy of modern Iran. Hand-woven Persian rugs have long been regarded as objects of high prestige since ancient writers gave them their first mention. For generations, Salman and Mehdi’s families have been weaving rugs in this part of the world. That means that both men have been involved in the high-end rug industry since a very young age. Over the years, they’ve gained invaluable experience and expertise, making them uniquely placed to work as qualified specialists in the high-end rug cleaning and maintenance sector. For nearly a decade, they worked for rug restoration and cleaning businesses as employees. But, back in 2014, they decided to strike out alone and establish their own business. They import all the specialist equipment and machinery needed from Iran, allowing them to provide the best possible service to domestic and trade customers, including shops, wholesalers and galleries. Since setting out with their own business, they have enjoyed a high degree of success in the rug repair, restoration and cleaning sector for all type of rugs including Persian rugs, Oriental rugs and all other vintage rugs. In doing so, they are continuing a family tradition and business, combining a rich history with the very latest techniques.