A thorough deep wash of your rug, increases its life span and protect your investment!

While the basic cleaning that you can do yourself will remove regular day-to-day dust, you need to maximise your rug’s longevity with a regular, professional deep wash. This will stop abrasive dirt and soil from wearing down your rug’s soft silk and woollen fibres. But it’s something of a myth that you can’t wash (never mind deep-wash) a rug, In fact, it’s the most crucial thing you can do to prolong its life and protect your investment. And given the value of your rug, it’s understandably probably not something you want to tackle yourself. So leave it to the Rugs2Restore that are professional rug deep wash specialists.

Rugs Cleaning Deep Washing
Here is the rug deep wash process:

We carefully inspect each unit to check for stains and colour-fastness so we know which cleaning product to use.
We pre-spot mats and spray them and then wash them in a shallow pool using eco-friendly cleaning products and rotary brushes.
Rugs, especially Oriental and Persian rugs are woven from one end to the other, with the wool pile going towards where weaving started – to keep this in order, we use a traditional spade to keep the pile going in the same direction.
Finally, the last stage of the rugs deep wash is to fold rugs and place them in a huge spin drum to extracts all the water and any remaining dirt left in the foundations of your rugs.