Rinsing with Centrifugal Machinery

After washing rugs, it’s important to remove as much water as possible from the rug as quickly as possible. The centrifugal rapid spinning produces the force, which moves outwards from the centre of the machine. It’s a process that removes just about all of the water from your rug and its materials, whether that’s wool, silk or cotton. The rug will also be softer afterwards if it’s been dried via a centrifuge. At Rugs2Restore, we have modern machines that use just this type of centrifugal force for prompt, safe drying of your rugs with no risk of shrinkage. And clearly, this part of the process isn’t something you could do at home. Our special machines remove majority of the water from a rug in minutes. And if a rug is quite fragile, we’ll rinse and spin gently before air-drying to protect the shape and fibres of the rug.

Rugs Cleaning Rinsing with Advanced Machinery