Long-term Rug storage

We provide long-term rug storage for as long as you need us to keep your rug on site. Some of our customers have to be abroad, others don’t have enough space to keep their rugs or are renovating. Again, this protects your rugs for as long as is necessary, from damp, insect infestation and colour running or fading. We store rug in exactly the same way as described above – we just keep them for longer. When rugs are not in regular use that they are most vulnerable to the issues of damp, moth attacks, mould contamination and the like. After all, insects like moths can find their way into the smallest of spaces if you are not careful. We’ll check your rugs periodically for the slightest indication of any damage. If we do notice anything, then of course we will rectify it immediately. What’s more, we have the room, tools and expertise to do a job that’s safe, every time, protecting either your investment or what could be a priceless piece of your personal or family history.

Long Term Rugs Storage

Long-term storage of rugs does require specialist knowledge if they are to emerge unscathed. You need a climate-controlled, adequate storage facility, and we have seen far too many rugs damaged because they have not been stored properly. Things you may not have thought about may be problematic. For example, high humidity can speed the growth of the dry rot-producing fungus and can attack the foundations of rugs and glazed windows and central heating will make this worse. Your rugs are too precious and our customers trust us with the safekeeping of these valuable possessions at our sites across the UK. Look forward to complete peace of mind, as you would expect our work is covered by comprehensive insurance.