Stain Removal for All Types of Ruggs

You’ll clearly want to do all you can to avoid staining your treasured rug. But, with the best will in the world, accidents can and do happen, especially if you have a busy household, your rugs are in a high-traffic area, or you enjoy entertaining.

Equally, it may be that you have inherited (or even found) a heavily stained item. And, unfortunately, not all stains can be removed merely by washing your rug. Sometimes, stubborn marks such as coffee or wine may require special treatment.

Liquids such as wine can cause potentially permanent damage to rug fibres, while pet urine turns alkaline, leading to the bleeding of dye colours while leaving behind an unpleasant smell. The reality is that home-made remedies, from baking soda or vinegar to shampoos and bleach, while cheap, probably won’t be enough to shift the most lingering of blemishes.

If you’re not sure what you’re doing, you could well end up causing permanent damage. So, realistically, you’ll need a professional stain-removal service for your rugs.

All rugs are different and so need different, individual treatments. Only a specialist will know what your particular floor covering requires.

You could also consider a specialist stain protection treatment to seal your rug’s fibres and create a repellent. This means that water or oil-based liquids bead instead of penetrating the fibres, giving you time to mop up the spillage before there is any lasting damage.

Rugs Cleaning Stain Removal
Rug stain removal at Rugs2Restore

At Rugs2Restore, we’re specialists in stain removal for a wide range of products including Persian, Oriental, antique and vintage as well as modern rugs. It’s all part of our general cleaning process, aimed at leaving your floor covering spotless. And it involves using pet and eco-friendly products, which we apply manually. What’s more we can work with all material types, including wool, silk and more. Our rug stain removal, part of our thorough washing process, is something which takes quite a bit of time, since the substances we use take a while to have an effect, and need to be applied and rinsed out more than once.

We work with UK’s leading insurers, and these companies can often cover stain removal costs in the event of accidental damage. Talk to us about any staining on your rug and we’ll do our very best to help.

At Rugs2Restore, we’re confident we can, within reason, remove just about any stain we’re presented with, or at the very least make it far less noticeable, thanks to our extensive experience in the industry. So whatever has caused the marking, you can be sure we’ll have seen it all before, including:

• Grease and oil-based stains
• Coffee and wine
• Fruit juice
• Damp, mould and mildew
• Stains from water leaks
• All types of food, especially dark items such as sauces
• Stains from pets from the ‘accidents’ that can happen from time to time