Full Submersion with Bio-Friendly Detergents

Especially in a hard-water setting, detergent cleans more effectively than soap. This is because of the magnesium and calcium in hard water that restricts soap’s cleaning capabilities. So detergents are needed to keep valuable rugs looking their fabulous best. But most popular commercial detergents are made using synthetic chemical compounds that again set them apart from soaps, which can be made with more natural ingredients including plant matter and lye. Unfortunately, the chemicals in detergents can be pretty harmful for the environment and that damage can be long lasting. Products that contain phosphates can cause adverse reactions when they reach the water table. Equally, when the nitrogen in some detergents reacts with phosphorus in the water, this can encourage algae growth, which in turn use up the water’s oxygen, a process known as eutrophication. Other detergents may contain chemicals that may ultimately reduce the surface tension of oil and water, meaning waterways can more readily absorb pesticides and pollutants.

Rug Cleaning with Bio Friendly Detergents

Biodegradable products, in contrast, are safe, natural and still highly effective. Quite simply, they’re better for the environment, being free from phosphates, and typically come in eco- friendly packaging. As the name suggests, biodegradable detergents incorporate agents such as sodium lauryl sulphate, which usually break down in just a few days. What’s more, many of the ingredients come from plants. And these detergents, while doing their bit for the planet, clean just as effectively. That’s why we at Rugs2Restore only use these eco-friendly detergents in our rug cleaning services, knowing they won’t harm the environment, people or pets.

It’s a myth that you can do as effective a job on your rug at home as you would by sending it for a professional full submersion. In fact, even if you have been told your rug can’t be fully immersed in water, seek a second opinion. Dry cleaning might be safe enough, but it won’t be nearly as effective as a full immersion washing of your rug, so it’s really not the best option. And, after all, dry cleaners won’t have the specialist knowledge of a professional rug-cleaning company. Washing is something that you can’t really do at home without the right skills and equipment. Some surface washing products might be OK if you know what you’re doing, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Our full-immersion treatment for Persian, Oriental or vintage rugs involves the safest detergents and chemical treatments on the market, the most effective techniques and the most skilful drying. And it’s the full submersion that banishes unpleasant odours, dust mites and dirt which may have built up deep in the pile over years if not decades, and which regular vacuuming simply won’t be able to shift. Water passes through the entirety of the rug, entering it from the top and leaving via the bottom side of the rug, taking every last dirt particle with it. Afterwards, of course, you need quick and effective rinsing for safe and speedy drying. At Rugs2Restore, we specialise in all types of rugs, and take on Persian, Oriental, silk, antique rugs. And we’ve been doing this for years, so talk to us about full-submersion cleaning for your rug today.