As we have mentioned separately, another potential issue is moth damage. These pesky insects can attack wool piles or foundations, creating holes in the rug, especially for rugs that have been in the same place a long time. We thoroughly and efficiently deal with moth eggs and any traces of live moths before spraying them. We can also do reweaving to repair the damage the moths have already caused. Finally, burns from a candle or cigarette end, or dry rot, can also leave holes in your rug, which again we would tackle with skilful reweaving. Dry rot, along with mould and mildew, is another problem. It can attack the foundation fibres, especially if they are made from cotton, but it also affects materials such as wool and silk, meaning there can be serious implications for your rug structural integrity. Again, it’s something we have extensive experience of treating, so talk to us about your rug.

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