Expert Persian, Oriental, and Vintage Rug Repair and Restoration Services

At Rugs 2 Restore, we understand the beauty and intricacy of Persian, Oriental, and vintage rugs. We realise the value of preserving the elegance of these precious items, ensuring they maintain their allure throughout the years.

The Impact of Time: Why Rugs Need Repair and Restoration

The march of time can wear down even the finest of rugs. From rotting foundations, backing damages to moth infestations, various factors can compromise their pristine state. Our rugs experts bring their extensive experience to address these concerns, ensuring your rugs regain their former glory.

Comprehensive Rug Repair and Restoration Services

Our diverse range of services caters to the distinct needs of each rug:

Repair Solutions for Rugs: From Flood Damage to Unexpected Spills

Rugs sometimes fall prey to unforeseen incidents like floods, spills, or pet-related damages. Our proficiency extends to addressing colour runs, stain removal from various agents including grease, food, and beverages. Additionally, our expertise in restoring moth-damaged rugs sets us apart.

Expertise and Trust: Why Rugs 2 Restore Leads in Rug Repair and Restoration

At Rugs 2 Restore, our decades of hands-on industry experience aren’t just numbers; they’re a testament to our expertise and commitment. Over the years, we have become a beacon of trust for countless satisfied customers and leading insurance companies. Recognised for our unparalleled knowledge and skill, we’ve consistently delivered restorative solutions that breathe new life into cherished rugs. This unwavering dedication to excellence has solidified our reputation as the trusted authority in rug repair and restoration. To understand the depth of our expertise or to seek a comprehensive repair quote, reach out to us today.

Persian Rugs Restoration


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    Fully onsite operations

    At Rugs2Restore, we provide all our restoration services ourselves and entirely onsite. That’s because we have the facilities and equipment at our premises to do an outstanding and professional job, time after time. We trust all our employees to do excellent work every time because we know they have the requisite training and expertise, as delivered by us. It means our customers enjoy peace of mind and entrust us with their rugs. And, whatever the issue, you can guarantee we have seen something similar before. You won’t even have to bring them in to us. We will collect your rugs and take care of them at our own workshop and return them back to you in excellent condition.

    We work with leading insurers

    We work with Britain’s top insurers nationwide on valuations for insurance purposes. That means we are approved in terms of policy cover, so we can help with insurance jobs if your rug has been damaged. Additionally, we can provide a valuation of your rug so you know how much to insure it for.

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