Bust the dust with Rugs2Restore

Dust includes tiny debris particles and pieces of dead skin and bugs. Thanks to its small size, you can inhale it. Dust can also bring thousands of bacteria into the deepest foundations of your rug. There are potential implications for human and pet’s health, including allergic reactions and problems for those with asthma. It also has the potential for transmitting viruses and passing on infections. Clearly, dust can also dull the colour of your rug. The problem is that, even if you vacuum your rug regularly, a rug still traps fine dirt and dust. As a natural filter, wool removes bacteria, dust and moisture from the atmosphere. But this doesn’t happen once the fibres become clogged. What’s more, the layers of dust can settle on top of each other, hardening over time so that the foundations become brittle. Tiny grains can become abrasive, gradually cutting in to the strands of wool and silk making up the rugs’ warp and weft. Indeed, up to a third of a dirty rug’s weight can be made up of trapped dust and moisture.

Rugs Cleaning Dust Removal

You can keep on top of dust removal from your rug with regular vacuuming and gentle brushing to keep on top of the issue in between professional cleanings. But at Rugs2Restore, our special vibrating machine extracts all the fine sand and soil particles and dust mites, professionally cleaning the foundations and softening rugs so that they last a lot longer, leaving you to (literally) breathe easily.