Banish smoke and other bad smells with a professional clean from us!

The wool in rugs comes originally from sheep, and so it smells if it gets wet as it absorbs liquid quickly into the fibres and this odour worsens the longer it’s left untreated. What’s more, cigarette or other smoke can penetrate deep into a rug, leaving a stale, unwelcome smell. And the same goes for any unwanted whiffs left behind by your own or visiting pets. Food and drink spillages can also start to smell in time if they are ignored, while fibres eventually break down, which can create a musty odour. The good news is that there are things you can do, from placing your rug outside in direct sunlight to sprinkling some backing soda on the offending area and vacuuming. Our thorough, professional rug cleaning service, including use of the latest technology, means that as well as having rugs which look as good as new, they smell as good as new as well. Let us give you the kind of results that you would struggle to get on your own.

Rugs Cleaning Smoke and Smell Treatment