Good value: let us assess the worth of your rugs!

When it comes to previously owned or secondhand rugs, again we can help, with an expert rug evaluation service. Our customers use this professional service when pre-own rugs are being traded between two parties, and again we will provide the relevant certification for the sale, as a formal, authenticating proof of its value. With a secondhand rug, of course, it may be harder for you to know its full history and origins and, therefore, how much it’s really worth. But we have the expertise and knowledge to provide a full and accurate assessment of the value of your secondhand rugs. Factors affecting the value of pre-owned rugs include density of knots per square inch and constancy of the wave. Send us photos for an informal assessment, or arrange for us to come and see your rugs in person, or visit our showroom and bring it over to us.

Rugs Evaluation Providing Certificate

At a time when rugs are increasingly sought-after, it’s never been more important to have a comprehensive valuation of your rugs. Equally, if you haven’t had your rugs valued for a while, its value may well have gone up since the last assessment. So get in touch with us today and draw on our years of industry experience and specialist knowledge to find out the real monetary value of your rug.