Get moths and other pests to buzz off for good!

They may be small, but moths can cause untold damage to valuable rugs with wool or pile foundation, while cross-contamination can also be troublesome. The real danger is from the eggs and larvae – females can lay hundreds at a time – and the dark, undisturbed areas of rugs (especially undersides). This will make perfect breeding grounds for these critters, especially where rugs are not moved, checked or vacuumed. An infestation of moth larvae can wreak havoc, causing holes in weeks, as they feast on wool, silk and other fibres, before creating a cocoon and hatching into small moths. Despite their brief lifecycles, moths lay eggs more than once, increasing the potential for damage. Stored mats, or those kept under furniture can be especially vulnerable – even wall-hung rugs are not immune. Frequent vacuuming, including on the back will kills the eggs and larvae and breaks the breeding cycle. You could also try a purpose-made spray, spot-testing it first to ensure there’s no damage.

Rugs Cleaning Moth Removal

Moth traps may also work, but crystals, flakes and balls will probably be less effective. If you notice moths, shake out your rugs outside before vacuuming several times.

At Rugs2Restore, we provide thorough, professional moth treatment for all types of rugs, as follows!

Washing the rug in a shallow pool to remove all traces of any live moths.
Applying special chemicals to kill moth eggs and sanitise rugs (the chemical is eco and pet friendly and will not damage the rug).
Drying the rugs at high temperatures to destroy any remaining eggs.
Spraying eco and pet friendly treatments onto the rug’s foundation as a precaution; these remain there for up to a year.