Why choose Rugs 2 Restore to wash and clean your rugs?

Our Expertise! Don’t just take our word for it, we have the expertise, qualifications and backing from our longstanding clients.

At Rugs 2 Restore, we have all the professional back-up you would expect of a professional rugs cleaning and repair service, with all relevant industry certification in place. We have years of experience and personal history, enabling us to offer a deep understanding of our industry – and a long heritage so that all type of rugs and their care are in our DNA! Indeed, our involvement in the sector began at a very young age, and we’ve been delighted in recent years to bring this deep knowledge and passion for rugs to our own business. What’s more, we make sure that anyone who works for us has the same level of training and in-depth understanding and follows our strict operational protocols. We won’t send any staff out to clients unless we are confident they can clean and repair rugs to the same high standards we do ourselves.

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We have the technology! An overview of the tools of our trade.

At Rugs 2 Restore, we combine our proud Iranian heritage with a keen interest in the latest technology in rug cleaning, repair and maintenance sector and unlike many competitors, we heavily invest in the best equipment. These include our special vibrating machine to remove all fine soil and loose grains of sand. This is certainly an advance on the large sticks which have traditionally been used to beat rugs and extract the dust. Using this machine thoroughly cleans the rug’s foundations and refreshes and softens so that the rug lasts far longer. After handwashing the rugs, we use a massive spin drum. This works like your washing machine’s final cycle to spin the rugs and remove any last traces of dirt or water left in the foundations. Meanwhile, our drying room features powerful three-phase hot-air blowers. We also have the technology and knowledge to use a range of eco-friendly treatments in activities including dealing with moths and stain removal. We also make sure that our cleaning products are child and pet-friendly. Our extensive industry experience makes us ideally placed to keep on top of all the most recent developments in the sector, and the latest technological advances as soon as they emerge. New technology is emerging all the time, and so we make an active effort to stay on top and invest in the very best machinery. We use tried-and-tested techniques when it comes to rug washing and stretching, or adding a fringe, and use these methods alongside technology that’s up-to-date.


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    Areas of Coverage! We are proud to cover all parts of the UK

    Rugs 2 Restore is based in the lovely village of Little Milton in Oxfordshire but don’t worry as we cover all parts of the United Kingdom for both domestic and business customers. Our service includes collecting rugs from our customers and we’re always happy to get out and meet our customers.
    Depending on how far you are, and the work that needs to be done, we will still be able to clean, repair or maintain your rugs. Remember that we do all the work ourselves in-house. Feel free to get in touch with us today, by phone, email, or via the contact form on our website, wherever you are in the UK and we’ll take it from there.

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    RUGS2RESTORE Co-Operating with Insurance Companies

    Insurance Companies! Our work with the UK’s major insurers.

    The value of a rug is important; quality rugs are sought-after luxury items that can last for generations, their value usually appreciates over time. The worth of a rug depends on a number of things, including age, quality, design, the density of the weave, and the market value at the time. We find our customers need valuations for a number of different reasons, whether they have an antique, Persian or Oriental rug. In most cases, valuations are needed to identify the insurance replacement worth, in terms of both insurable and reimbursement values. This could be in case of something like fire or flood or similar damages. All the major UK insurers recognise and work with us, and we’re able to provide valuations for a rich variety of rugs. We also value rugs in cases where someone has inherited or received a gift and cannot be sure of the monetary worth. If you have damaged an insured rug, the vast majority of insurance policy providers approve our cleaning and repair services. We’ll draw on our years of experience to supply a full and accurate value, and provide relevant certification. Let us give you a recommended valuation for insurance purposes, plus a current market and replacement value. Contact us today to discuss our valuation services for your range of rugs including Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, and antique rugs regardless of the size of your collection or whether you’re a business or domestic customer.

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