Precautionary pre-testing to check for unexpected reactions in your rug

You should never trust a rug cleaning company which doesn’t carry out thorough pre- testing checks. And a pre-cleaning inspection should include a thorough assessment of how much soiling, damage and discolouration has taken place, while also looking at factors including dye stability and pile reversal. Once that has been done, other things your rug- cleaning company should be checking for include colour-fastness so that the dyes don’t run. The chemicals should be spot-tested in a small and inconspicuous area of the rugs such as a corner, so that if there are any problems with the chemicals used, these won’t be noticeable. And this checks for any unexpected reactions. Different rug fibres and materials react differently to different solutions, so if you don’t pre-test you won’t know that there will be a problem until it is too late. And most rug stains are located in high-footfall areas, so it doesn’t make sense to tackle stains there without pre-testing.

Rugs Cleaning Pre-Testing for Color Fastening

When we get rugs in at Rugs2Restore, we make it our business to inspect them carefully for any stains and colour- fastness to be sure we are using the right products in the cleaning process. Following this stain inspection, we then pre-spot the rugs before washing them with our eco-friendly cleaning products and rotary brushes in a shallow pool. And we know that our thorough rug pre-testing service gives our customers peace of mind and confidence that we know what we’re doing when it comes to the full wash stage.