New or newly bought rugs

We offer a valuation service for new rugs, whether you’re buying or selling. This takes into account factors including the size of the rug as well as its age, what kind of rug it is, and the colours and dyes used to create it. Value can also depend on the density and consistency of the weave, plus current market trends and values. Design and condition are also key factors, along with the number of knots per square foot, techniques used to make the rug and the kind of fibre used. We bring our background of generations of practical experience in the sector to Persian rug, Oriental rug or vintage rug valuation and will supply you with a full expert valuation certificate. This identifies your rug and details how many knots it has, its condition, and gives an accurate assessment of its replacement value.

Rugs Restoration Evaluation Consultancy

Typically, we like to visit customers and see the rugs for ourselves, to give the most spot-on and comprehensive evaluation. However, we are happy to look at photographs of the front and back of your rug, and we’ll also ask you to send in a few other details. The certificate that we can send to you as a hard copy or electronically, offers authentic proof of the true value of your rugs, and our ability to provide a valuation service.