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Some rugs such as Persian rugs date from around 500BC. But it was only at the end of the sixteenth century and the start of the seventeenth century that trade in these rugs really started to take off in earnest, as Shah Abbas encouraged contacts and trade with Europe. Then during the last quarter of the nineteenth century, trade was again very important following the 1722 Afghan invasion, which at the time temporarily destroyed the rug-weaving trade. This flourished as merchants exported to Europe via Istanbul. By the end of that century, some European as well as American traders set up business in Persia and organised production aimed at Western markets. It’s clearly an industry that’s still very much alive today, thanks to the strong heritage and reputation of Persian and Oriental rugs, still known the world over for the intricacy of their design, the richness of their colours and their incredible craftmanship. These rugs have become collector’s items and investment pieces. And, of course, high-quality Persian, Oriental and antique rugs can be found in palaces and museums worldwide.

Rugs Evaluation Trade Buying and Selling

At Rugs2Restore, we love continuing the tradition of trading in rugs including Persian rugs. We have a strong interest in buying and selling secondhand or new rugs. What’s more, we’re always very happy to meet customers in person to discuss sales and purchases. Indeed, it’s our preferred way of doing business! Whether you’re buying or selling, we bring our expertise, knowledge and years of experience to bear on rug trading. And we’re very clear that we will always pay and buy for a fair price; giving peace of mind to those whom we sell or buy from, given our reputation for honesty and the fact that we’re so well established in the business. If you’ve recently inherited an Oriental, Persian or vintage rug and know you want to sell it but don’t know where to start, it can seem initially quite daunting. Likewise, if you have wanted to buy a rug for a while, but aren’t sure where to begin, again we’re here to help. We can talk you through what sort of rugs might best suit your needs. After all, it’s not something you buy every day, and so it’s understandable that you would want to take your time and seek professional advice first for your investment. In every case, we promise we’ll sell or buy for a reasonable price. And remember, if you purchase from us, you’ll have access to all our services post-purchase, from stain removal and washing to storage and fringe restoration, guaranteeing continuity of service, from first contact onwards. These beautiful rugs help create an atmosphere of luxury and opulence, and have a timeless appeal. At Rugs2Restore, we have a real passion for this side of the business. Get in touch to talk to us about Oriental, vintage or Persian rug trade today, whether you’re buying or selling – we’ll be glad to help you secure an excellent deal.