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At Rugs2Restore, alongside our rug washing, repair and restoration services, we provide a professional, knowledgeable rug valuation service for new and secondhand Persian, Oriental or vintage rugs. There could be various reasons why you might want a professional valuation. You could be buying or selling a new or secondhand rug and want a specialist, accurate assessment of its worth. Alternatively, you may need to find out the insurance replacement value for your rug, to be sure you have the right policy in place to cover your rug. You may also need the reimbursement value in the event of a flood, fire or any other damage. After all a rug represents a significant investment and like any other high-value good, should be insured against theft, damage or loss. All the UK’s major insurers recognise us, and we work closely with them to provide reputable valuations on all types of rugs. Equally, where a rug cannot be repaired, we talk to both our customers and their insurance firms to find an appropriate and reasonable replacement rug.

Rugs Trade Buying and Selling

We also provide valuations to assess the correct value if the rug is being inherited or passed on to a new owner as part of a gift or if you are looking to buy a rug and would like to have a pre-purchase rug valuation. We have the kind of in-depth, specialist knowledge of handmade rugs that even a general auctioneer or antique dealer would not. Get in touch with us today to talk about our expert valuation service for any types of rugs from Persian rug, Oriental rug to any other antique or vintage rug.

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Some rugs such as Persian rugs date from around 500BC. But it was only at the end of the sixteenth century and the start of the seventeenth century that trade in these rugs really started to take off in earnest, as Shah Abbas encouraged contacts and trade with Europe. By the end of that century, some European as well as American traders set up business in Persia and organised production aimed at Western markets.

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