Over time, and with use and general wear and tear, rugs can start to lose their shape and develop visible lumps and wrinkles and damage to their base and fibres. Or they may start to lift up at the edges. In particular, rugs that have been under the same heavy piece of furniture for a long time can start to warp badly. These kinds of problems create trip hazards and make your rugs more vulnerable to further harm. At Rugs2Restore, we provide a first- class stretching service that makes them nicely square so that they lay flat on the floor once more. And we will know within minutes of first seeing your rug whether stretching is needed. We have the skills, space and tools to achieve this professionally. Our staffs have been fully trained in rug stretching, and have many years’ experience in the techniques and equipment. It is possible to stretch the rug too far, or not far enough, if you don’t have the right expertise. But we will make sure that this doesn’t happen to your rug. Talk to us today about our rug stretching service and have yours looking its beautiful best once more, and lying flush to the floor.

Stretching Reshaped Persian Rugs