How to maintain Persian rugs

Persian Rug Maintenance UK

Handwoven with the finest materials including wool and silk, a single Persian rug can often take years and sometimes decades to create. A high-quality Iranian rug can cost tens of thousands of Pounds. Therefore, if you invest a substantial amount of money to buy a piece of art like a Persian rug, you have to treat them and maintain them with great care. Persian rugs are thick, shiny and delicate. They have a lot of light colours next to darker colours creating extraordinary patterns. Those patterns in Persian rugs have their own stories or meanings behind them. So you need to work extra carefully with them so you don’t induce any colour fading to Persian rugs.

Some home tips to clean the Persian rugs may help you to maintain them until you give them a professional cleaning. Here’s how you can wash a Persian rug at home with simply available inexpensive ingredients.

You will need hair shampoo, white vinegar, and water. Add a cup of hair shampoo and a cup of white vinegar into two litres of water. The reason why we recommend using shampoo is to maintain the chemical pH balance so that it won’t harm the natural colourings in your Persian rugs. White vinegar will bring the shine back and makes it vibrant again. It will also keep pests away from your carpets. Mix all three ingredients well until you get nice froth and soapy suds on top. The soap bubbles are the ones we are going to use the most. We don’t want to drain your carpets in the water at all.

Now take a dish sponge and soak it in the bubbles and rub it on the red area of the carpet not so harshly in circular motions. You can wipe over the colours and in between the different colours but try not to wipe up and down mixing between different colours. When cleaning the parts with a lot of different colours, we recommend using a toothbrush. Soak the toothbrush in the prepared mixture and carefully brush it over the rug. Make sure not to mix lighter colours too much into your darker colours. Again, use gentle circular motions in these areas too. After scrubbing and cleaning the rug, gently wipe it down with a damp cloth. Let the rug dry in light sunlight. Make sure not to expose it to too strong sun rays.

Another major problem with Persian rugs is that they tend to accumulate a lot of dust. Dusting a Persian rug by vacuuming at home will not remove all the dust as the dust always stays in between the closely knitted threads.

Home care of Persian rugs is essential to maintain their appearance. However, it’s always better to get them washed and cleaned by professionals if you want to maintain their quality for a long time.

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