How To Remove Pet Stains from Rugs

Pet Stain Removal Persian Rugs UK

We all adore pets and take care of them as our babies. However, they might inevitably leave some annoying pesky pet stains on our valuable rugs.

Here are some tips for you to try at home with care to remove pet stains on the rugs. However, even though these tips are used and proven to be good to try it’s better if you test the treatment on a small area to ensure it will not damage your rugs.

1. Using a rug or carpet spotter

Here’s how to clean the pet urine stains from the rugs. If the spot is still wet, start by extracting with a towel or a carpet spotter. You can make a DIY carpet spotter by mixing one cup of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, one tablespoon of classic Blue Dawn Dish Soap and one cup of water. Spray the spotter into the spot, agitate with a towel and let that set for twenty minutes. If you don’t have a spotter just pour some warm water over the area and dab up with a towel. Finally, spray the spotter again and let it dry.

2. Using ammonia
  • You will need a mask or a handkerchief and goggles or an eye protector
  • Empty spray bottle
  • Freshly boiled water
  • Some liquid ammonia
  • An iron
  • Some old towels
  • A funnel is available for easy pouring

We do recommend getting your mouth and nose covered with a mask as well as your eyes if possible because we are using ammonia.

Mix equal parts of hot water and ammonia in the spray bottle and also plug in your iron as you’re doing this to heat up. The rest is really easy. All you have to do is saturate the area on the carpet that you’re trying to remove. Then lay the old towel over it. Start to iron over the towel starting from a corner. Make sure you move it around, so you don’t scorch the carpet. This will start to lift the tough stain. You will see a significant difference right after this step, but you have to repeat it over and over again to achieve successful results. Depending on how old the stain is you will have to do it more. With the light-shaded carpets, it can be even more challenging. If you catch the stain relatively early, you won’t have to go over this as often or as much. We do recommend ventilating your room and wearing protective equipment when you’re working with ammonia because it can be very toxic and harmful to you if you are not careful enough. Make sure to keep ammonia, hot water, and hot iron away from pets and children when you are operating with them.

If you hate to see the stains on your carpets or rugs, this simple trick is worth trying to get your clean rugs again.

Home rugs cleaning tips always sound fascinating. However, unprofessional cleaning attempts may damage the rugs as they are delicate and may be harmful to you as well when working with certain chemicals. At Rugs2Restore we take care of your stained rugs professionally and we make sure to restore your drugs to brand-new quality. Contact Rugs2Restore now to experience the change.