Why removing dust from rugs is important?

Persian Oriental Dust Removal UK

It’s unavoidable that a disgusting amount of dust gets collected in your rugs. Your carpets may look clean, but you can’t sweep everything on and under the rug. Closely knitted threads of wool make micro particles of dust get accumulated in between them without escaping. Thus, a lot of dust accumulates within a rug and eventually makes it dirtier than ever that requires dust removal.

It’s essential to remove the collected dust in your rugs because it can cause several consequences.

You can accidentally inhale the dust inside the rugs and get infections resulting from simple sneezing up to serious respiratory tract infections. You should be more careful if you have babies who are crawling on the floor. For people with a dust allergy, dust in the rugs might become a nightmare. If there are immune compromised people like patients who are on steroid drugs, chronic smokers etc. in the house dust in the rugs is contraindicated for such people because a simple cold can risk their health.

The more dust gets collected over time the more difficult it becomes to clean them. so, it’s essential to give them a thorough clean from time to time.

You might have seen that some people takes the rug and beats it from the back just to get rid of the dust. However, beating the rugs might not be enough to remove all the dust trapped inside the rugs.

Professional rug cleaning also starts with badgering the rugs from the back and removing the dust. This process cannot be done at home with vacuuming because the does go and sits on top of the foundation which is impossible to collect with the vacuum. Rugs2Restore specialised in dusting, washing, cleaning, and restoring your oriental rugs. It’s a careful process to clean them thoroughly without damage. A special intense vibrating machine removes a gross amount of dirt including fine soil and loose grains of sand. We always clean out much more dust than you’d expect. His is certainly an advance on the large sticks which have traditionally been used to beat rugs and extract the dust. Using this machine thoroughly cleans the rug’s foundations, refreshes, and softens it so that the rug lasts far longer. After handwashing the rugs, we use a massive spin drum. This works like the final cycle of your washing machine to spin the rugs and remove any last traces of dirt or water left in the foundations.

Rugs are a luxury item that often gets neglected. Whether it’s Persian, oriental or any type of antique, we clean them for you beyond your expectations.

We will collect your rugs and clean them at our workshop and return them to you in excellent. Therefore, don’t hesitate to hand over your rugs full of dust to the experts at Rugs2Restore. They will make sure to treat your valuable rugs with extra care and restore them without leaving a single dust particle inside them.