How to store rugs safely

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Are you looking for a way to store your valuable rugs properly? No worries! Don’t get confused anymore about how to store your expensive rugs. Rugs2Restore is here to tell you how to store your rugs as perfect as possible.

If you are going to have building work, renovating your house or going away for a long holiday, you want to make sure your rugs are protected while they’re not in use; here are a few easy ways that you can follow to store them properly.

Protect rugs from bugs and moths:

Most people have the problem of bugs and/or moths keep eating away their precious rugs. Carpet moths only grow at a certain time of the season. It’s usually through the Spring. Then they die off or hibernate for the winter and come back in full force next year. They lay a ton of eggs and especially love wool. More importantly, what they like is a dirty wool rug. So, if you keep your wool rugs clean, they usually won’t try to attack it.

On the other hand, there are products in the market that are designed to kill or repel moths to alleviate this problem. Out of the two, we prefer the repellant which makes the rugs less tasty for moths. So, when you store your rugs always apply a moth repellant because humidity changes in storage will favour the growth of moths.

Protect rugs from moisture and mould:

Rugs often get damaged by either moisture or mould. You want to put your rugs in a room that is protected with blinds and curtains and protects it from natural sunlight. Not all of us have the luxury of having a spare room to store rugs. So oftentimes we tend to store them under the bed, in the closet, or the cupboard. The first thing you need to do is lay the rug out flat and make sure you roll the rug. Do not fold the rug because folds can cause permanent creases. Use a dowel or curtain rod to make sure that you roll the rug straight. That will help you keep the roll straight. Once the rug is rolled, tie it with twine and then place a Tyvek membrane over the rug and then store it away until you’re ready to use it again.

The first mistake people make is storing a rug in a plastic bag. The reason that is a mistake is that wool always hangs on to moisture no matter how hot and dry it feels. So, it’s very important to store your rugs in a membrane that will allow moisture to move through them but when you spill moisture onto them it would not allow the liquid to go through. Therefore, always wrap a rug in Tyvek. it’s a specific material that allows the free movement of moisture through it and keeps it dry. make sure to vacuum the rug first and clean it before wrapping it. Wrap the rug in the Tyvek sheet nice and tight and finally seal it with packing tape.

Now you can store your rug at room temperature in a dry place without any moisture. From time to time take your rug out, unwrap, vacuum, roll it again, and put it back in storage.

Professional rugs storage at Rugs2Restore:

If you need to try out some professional storage for your rugs, leave them in our hand at Rugs2Restore. We will take care of them until you need them again.

Rugs2Restore has two storage services.

1. A six-week free post-treatment storage service

We can store your rugs after cleaning or repairing services for free for up to six weeks. It’s perfect for leaving your rugs to us for cleaning before a holiday and we will keep them safe until they are back after the holiday.

2. Long-term rug storage

Professionals at Rugs2Restore will provide you with the long-term rugs storage service too if you want. We guarantee you to store your invaluable rugs and protect them from any harm. Rugs2Restore will hand your rugs to you after taking care of them for as long as you want.

Most home treatments are not child or pet-friendly and will leave your rugs with an unpleasant smell. However, at Rugs2Restore we always use child and pet-friendly solutions and your rugs will never have an unpleasant smell.